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VERGE | 3-in-1 EDC Pocket Assistant

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Fact is, each of us has a few brilliant ideas throughout every day, but we rarely tend to write them down. It is an important skill to master, that could lead to success and wealth. However, we don’t usually have the tools to quickly jot down that idea. Thanks to the VERGE 3-in-1 EDC Pocket …

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The Godfather Notebook | Coppola’s Original Notebook


The Godfather is largely regarded to be one of the best films that have ever been created. Following the intrinsic and complex lives of those caught in the Mafioso, it is no wonder that this movie became an instant blockbuster. Now, for the first time ever, you can see Francis Ford Coppola’s notes. Featuring The …

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Moleskine Smart Notebook | Creative Cloud Collection


Moleskine is the company that will change what you think about paper. The Moleskine Smart Notebook from the Creative Cloud Collection has an amazing ability to turn your notebook drawings into digital files. It’s great for graphic designers and on-the-go artists because it allows you to combine both the benefits of traditional paper and digital files. So, …

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LG Gram 15’’ Laptop | The Lightest 15″ Laptop On The Market


You thought slim phones are advanced, but take a look at this ultra-slim laptop constructed by LG. The LG gram 15” Laptop features a Core i7 Processor and weighs only 980 grams! It has a Magnesium Alloy Body and it’s .66 inches thin (we can’t say thick, really). In addition to this, it features a …

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