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Ustaoset Cabin

Located 3,500 feet above the sea level and situated somewhere between Oslo and Bergen stands Ustaoset Cabin. This is truly a remote location since there are no roads leading to it and all the materials had to be transported by a helicopter. But the construction difficulties didn’t stop there. This altitude is surrounded with slow-growing vegetation …

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Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion

Tverrfjellhytta Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion is located right on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park (pronouncing the name correctly might be hard). Besides it being a natural habitat for many species, this place is actually where you can find Europe’s last wild reindeer herds. Once you learn this, you won’t be wondering why Norwegian Wild Reindeer Foundation …

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Cabin Straumsnes | A Modern Norwegian Holiday House

Designed by Rever & Drage Architects, Cabin Straumsnes is a modern complex that overlooks the Norwegian Sea. This holiday house is built on a place where the old, 50s cabin was located. The architects claim it’s paradoxical that the new main cabin was built after the annex in the first place. The reason lies in the fact that …

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Cabin Knapphullet In Norway Constructed In Natural Rock Formation

Norwegian studio Lund Hagem designed Cabin Knapphullet, a beautiful Sandefjord seaside home surrounded by natural rock formations and dense vegetation. The building is quite small, 30 m2, but vertically has three levels- the basement, the ground floor level and the roof. The architects wanted to maximize the use of natural shelter but also to provide a …

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Creating and placing refuge huts for trekkers is a very common thing in Norway, since the Norwegian Trekkers Association is striving to attract new people to amusing hikes and reward those who already enjoy country’s natural wealth. The huts are placed in remote, beautiful places, but Rabothytta Mountain Hut is the most distant, because it …

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Mountain Hill Ski Cabin by Fantastic Norway Architects

The Mountain Hill Ski Cabin is a house set in a peaceful area of Al Mountains in Norway. It was designed by Fantastic Norway architects according to the clients somewhat peculiar requests mostly aimed to make this dwelling every skier’s dream retreat. Due to its position, as well as its nature, during winter months the …

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