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The Art of Being a Digital Nomad

Once upon a time, computers took up entire office floors. Once upon a time, working offsite was just a dream. Today, however, the possibilities are opening more than ever. People are realizing that the only difference between working at home or in the office is that one requires a commute. Companies and employees alike are …

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For all those who can make money from their computers, a nomadic lifestyle is more accessible. It allows you to move from place to place, explore different countries and cities, and still get things done. Nomad List is a crowdsourced website of possible destinations for living and working. The founder of Nomad List, Pieter Levels, realized …

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Wallet For iPhone With 2,400mAh Battery | By Nomad


Fully charged iPhone and a wallet are the two things everyone simply must have with them when they’re going out. But what happens when you forget to charge your phone? Well, no problem there, Nomad Wallet for iPhone 6 has an installed charger that allows you to charge your favorite gadget regardless of where you …

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Sick of the awkward outdoor bath times, boring inflatable pool dips and helter-skelter on-spot showers during your camping explorations?Well, we have a piece of great news for you – with Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub, any bath you take outdoors will become a genuine bliss for your mind and body! Extremely lightweight, extra portable and unbelievably …

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