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Dainese D-Throttle Backpack


As far as motorbikes go, that awesome rush and speed comes at one downfall, you don’t have any packing space. You’re going to need a reliable backpack to pack in all of your goods, and EDC, while you cruise around. Thanks to the Dainese D-Throttle Backpack we have the perfect solution for you. Basically, the …

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Going on a long journey on your bike would be one of the best experiences you could have, but travelling in this manner can be cut short due to lack of storage space. After all, you are travelling on a motorcycle. Luckily, there are experts which aim to make these issues have little to no impact …

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The engines are roaring, gusts of wind are brushing against your leather jacket and the sound of your mean motorbike devouring the asphalt is echoing inside your helmet as you’re racing with the time across the miles of empty highway. But wait! Have you remembered to pack everything you need? Surely you wouldn’t like to …

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