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Samsung Galaxy S8

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There is no doubt that as our technology progresses, it becomes all the more impressive. Sometimes slight failures lead to greater successes, and Samsung definitely learnt from their mistakes with the Galaxy S7. However, as a great successor, the Samsung Galaxy S8 promises to deliver what the S7 couldn’t. Designed from the inside out, the …

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Nextbit Robin | A Factory Unlocked Smartphone


Almost everybody these days has a smartphone and it comes as no surprise, we have evolved a symbiotic relationship with them and other technological devices. However, smartphones do come with limitations and these limitations are usually that they are locked onto a single network. Luckily for us, the Nextbit Robin counteracts that issue by being …

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Imagine this scene: you’re watching the last episode of your favorite sitcom on your home PC and suddenly your phone goes buzz. It’s a text from your ex deploring you to talk things over and get back together. What will you do? Should you watch the episode to the end or immediately reply to your …

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We are hoping that all of us will be living in houses or staying at hotels with minimal carbon footprint one day and that we are all going to become fully aware of the fragility of our planet and all the energy we can save in an effort to preserve it. LoftCube is a step …

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