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OnePlus 3 | A Smartphone Without Compromises

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With a large variety of smartphones out there, we take note of those that stand out above the rest. Designed and built by tech-lovers who worked side-by-side with users, the OnePlus 3 is truly a smartphone that does not compromise and stands far above the rest. Incorporating innovative technology with a superb design while combining …

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Ulefone Future | A Truly Bezel-Free Smartphone


There are phones which are considered the norm in the mobile telephony world like Samsung S7 or iPhone 6, and there are dark horses that you might be hesitant to buy at first but when you do, you definitely don’t regret your decision. The phone that we are talking about, which belongs to the latter …

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With Skype, social networks, and similar media gone highly popular and still growing, staying in touch with you friends, family and loved ones when traveling abroad is nowadays much more easy than it used to be in the past. Nevertheless, a Facebook chat with your brother, dad or girlfriend is not quite the same as …

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