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Lum-Tec Combat B21 GMT Watch


People are usually buying watches for two reasons, styling or practical purposes. Sometimes beautiful watches aren’t always completely reliable, and the durable, solid ones can be a bit modest when it comes to design. Combat B21 GMT watch by Lum-Tec  is a long-lasting military field watch that is also simply but elegantly designed. Already strong, …

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Trying to find a good backpack for both your every-day-carry items, such as your gadgets, laptop and other personal or work related items, and for gear which you might take on a camping trip or a hike can be very tricky. Most people opt for two different ones for each particular use, but doing this can …

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There is nothing better when motorcycle designers look for inspiration in places which has a specific fan base in order to bring an amazing creation to life. This is the case with the Triumph Bonneville Venom, a one of a kind bike which was made to pay homage to the latest game in the Metal …

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Whenever something is marked as ‘military’ we tend to imagine something practical, strong, durable, but often not very comfortable. The Earth Military Style Crash Cot has three of these four characteristics. You can use it indoor or outdoor, which makes it perfect for guest stays as well as for explorers, scouts, adventurers or campers. How …

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