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Microsoft’s Surface Studio Is Designed For The Creative Process


With the progression of our computational abilities, we are seeing more powerful machines that allow us to create on a completely different level. Well, Microsoft’s Surface Studio gives you a brilliant platform to create on. The Surface Studio is aimed directly at artists, designers and all those that have creative pursuits in mind. In addition …

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Audials Moviebox 2017 – Review

Audials Moviebox 2017 is a complete movie stream recorder for Windows. The interface follows the usual Audials approach which very attractive for many users. There are recording options to extract video content from online video streaming sources. Options for converting videos to a new format like WMV, MP4, M4V and more for portable devices complete …

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Kangaroo | Portable Phone-sized PC With Windows 10


Have you ever been in a situation where you’re far away from home, but you desperately need something from your computer? Of course, you have. Yes, laptops exist for quite some time, but they’re bulky and you need to drag them around all the time and flash drives are just for storing files and don’t …

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Sometimes typing on the touchscreen is not effective enough for what we need to do. So we would like a regular keyboard but it’s too big. Therein lies the charm of Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard. This keyboard can be linked to an iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows tablets, and Windows Phone (hence the “universal” epithet). It …

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The real world can sometimes be painfully dull, terribly depressing and far more taxing than one can take. Well, this piece of tech news for lovers of advanced gadgetry may help brighten up the day: with Microsoft’s new HoloLens, your reality will take on a whole new dimension – and an über-cool one too, because …

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