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Merino Runners | Woolen Comfort Shoes For Her


You’re used to seeing only gear for men here at jebiga but sometimes it’s good to mix things up and instead of providing you with ideas on what to get for yourself, we give you some idea on what to get for her. After our Valentine’s Day guide, here’s one more item she’ll love – Merino Runners. …

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Waterproof Crew Socks | By Showers Pass

from $30|

You love hanging out in nature, but sometimes the rain and the cold will ruin the experience for your feet. Well, not anymore! The Crosspoint Waterproof Crew Socks are brought to you by Shower Pass to make your outdoor experience less frustrating. These socks are perfect for hiking, cycling to work, running, or any other …

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Foot odor is something that’s hard to avoid whether you’re training or just simply walking for extended periods of time. There are a lot of products which are designed to combat foot odor but none of them are like the SilverAir Sock. Why is that? Well, the silver in the name is not here just …

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