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Nixon’s The Mission | Android Smartwatch For Action Sports


Nixon announced the new ultra-rugged, action sports smartwatch called The Misson. This innovative watch is built on the latest technology from Google’s Android Wear and it will be available to customers later this year. “Our audience leads an intense, outdoor lifestyle and pushes products to the limit. All of our watches have to meet a …

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Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker


Timex released a new cool looking, stylish watch that also serves as an activity tracker. Besides telling the time, this watch will track your steps, distance and calories burned. Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker is made of brass and you can get it in both polished silver and matte black. This watch doesn’t have a complicated display but …

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V02 Mk. II Watch | By Void

from $295|

If you’re into watches, especially the unusual ones, the Void V02 Mk. II Watch might be just the watch you’re looking for. This watch is said to be ‘’An unusually clever watch with a unique way of telling time.’’ And at first glance, you’ll certainly be confused. Although it features the characteristic Void square design …

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GENESIS X1-A | By LIV – Swiss Watches

from $439|

Every man who wants to be taken seriously needs to have a quality wristwatch. The GENESIS X1-A is a completely new high-quality Swiss watch created by LIV. And you know what it means to have a Swiss watch. It means superior craftsmanship, unrivaled quality, and ultimate precision. This watch is carefully crafted with a lot …

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