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Leave Your Socks At Home | Comfy Summer Shoes And Slip-ons

When considering buying new shoes, you must have a checklist. No matter if you’re getting winter or summer shoes, some key features are the same. You should always look for footwear made from high-quality materials, designed to provide you not only comfort, but flexibility, breathability, and style. Today’s list is all about summer. We wanted to …

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Woolrich Felt Mill Loafers


Winter might not be here officially depending where you are but we all feel it coming. This means it’s super important to keep yourself warm, no matter if you’re going out or staying at home. Since Woolrich is so good at making cozy and protective items, Felt Mill Loafers are literally a warm recommendation. These loafers are perfect …

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Swims | Ultralight Men’s Breeze Loafers


Decent shoes are difficult to find and there should be no doubt that, apart from looking awesome, comfort should be an utmost necessity. We all know that walking barefoot has many health benefits and now, with the Swims Breeze Loafers you can have the comfort of walking barefoot while having the look and feel of a …

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There’s nothing like the classic loafers to keep your feet happy and your outfit thoroughly stylish on long summer days by the sea. That’s why today we present to you SWIMS Lace Up Loafers, a comfy pair of fashionable boat shoes boasting a unique design, outstanding feel and high durability. The latest line of smart …

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