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Alva Pendant | Cord Style LED Pendant


Alva Pendant is the new retro style LED bulb from Tech Lighting. It combines the classic Edison-style lamp with a modern LED light. This design won last year’s International Interior Design Association/Hospitality Design Product Design Competition. The powerful 14.5 watt light has up to 290 lumens and is adjustable from 3,000K to 2,200K. It has two modes- …

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Flyte | Levitating Light Bulb That Gets Energy From The Air


It may seem unreal, but there’s a light bulb that can last up to 22 years. Flyte is a wireless light bulb that levitates over a magnetic field. It has a small wooden base from where it draws the power. And it looks great, just like a part of an art installation. So, how does …

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As we are experiencing more and more of our household appliances turning smart, it is only natural that our light bulbs follow suite and don’t get left behind in this ever-growing trend. There are quite a few smart bulbs which work in unison with their companion apps, but there aren’t many as versatile as the ones …

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