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iPad Leather Folio


Keeping your devices protected is very important and it’s even better if you find a stylish solution. inSidegift is a small company from Russia that creates handmade leather accessories. Among their different collections, there’s one that features classy iPad Leather Folios. The iPad Leather Folio collection includes 12 different iPad and document organizers. They are different in size, style …

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Travellr | The Only Travel Bag And Razor Case You’ll Ever Need


It has become a rarity to find authentic hand-crafted leather goods that have been made the old-fashioned way by skilled artisans. These products are built to last a lifetime and, apart from practicality, that’s exactly what Range Leather is offering with their hand-crafted leather Travellr: Travel Bag and Razor Case. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. What …

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Tablet Shoulder Holster | By Carter

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If you need to carry your tablet to work or just like to have it around wherever you go, you know how inconvenient it can become dragging it around in bags. Since it’s bigger than a cell phone and can’t fit into your pocket, and it’s kind of too small and annoying to carry it …

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Chamberlain’s Leather Care Liniment No. 1


Now, with the season of leather boots and jackets coming, you must think of best ways for taking care of your leather belongings. Chamberlain’s Leather Care Liniment No. 1 will take care of any leather piece you have, whether it’s boots, bags, jackets, belts, furniture, even auto interior. It has an original recipe formulated in Fort …

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Be kind to leather shoes and boots because if you are, they are going to serve you well and good for many years. If you have been searching for that perfect pair months on end, it makes even more sense to properly look after them. One of the best, albeit terribly old-fashioned ways, to maintain …

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If you aren’t a fan of hauling large bags which contain your camera accessories, then you should probably look for something more compact in size without sacrificing utility. A prefect choice would be the Clarendon Photo Accessories Organizer which will allow you to organize a large number of photo accessories effectively. The Clarendon is handcrafted from high …

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Both amateur and professional photographers know the importance of having a bag that fits all of your equipment, and leaves it easily accessible. There are a lot of camera bags out there which offer decent storage space in a small and easily portable size, but they all incorporate zippers, Velcro and buckles which can reduce …

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There are furniture pieces that are so contemporary yet so timeless. The chair that we are showcasing today is not only contemporary and timeless, but also so elegant and so stylish, and it comes with its own glass house. This wonderful piece of furniture is called The Naked Armchair and it has been designed by …

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Biking sure is a great way to get to work – it’s eco-friendly, time-efficient and economical. But what happens if you need to store all those documents, smartphone, tablet and all the other small life’s necessities somewhere other than a raggedy-looking bike bag and at the same time keep up the noble gentlemanly looks when …

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