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Icarus Rooftop Sleeping Compartment

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Outdoor adventures and road trips are now safer and much more comfortable. For those of you who own or plan to get a Land Rover, here’s a practical addition- a rooftop sleeping compartment. This extension is made for Defender 110 aka Icarus and can fit two people. Let us start with its most important features. Firstly, …

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Project Kahn Land Rover Defender


Land Rovers are iconic vehicles; they tell tales of adventure, power, and journeys into seemingly insurmountable landscapes. The off-road vehicle of choice for many explorers, Land Rover just always seemed to deliver. So, when we see a customization, we applaud, because it is not easy to improve on something that was already epic. Introducing the …

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Overfinch Defender 40th Anniversary Edition


Recently, Land Rover announced that after many great years they are going to stop the production of probably one of the best 4×4 car ever made – The Land Rover Defender. Overfinch, the original Land Rover enhancer decided to create a special and very limited edition of the Land Rover Defender to honor this legendary …

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Land Rover Defender Celebration Series is Land Rover’s absolutely amazing way of celebrating a continuous run of 67 years since the production of their legendary Defender model started and sadly the last year they will be selling it. Namely, they decided to create three limited editions of this iconic vehicle for this very special occasion …

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