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WooHoo 2.0 | Giant Inflatable Lounger


There has a been a major rise in the inflatable lounger department. Of course, as many of you can remember, this started out with the LamZac inflatable lounger. Since then though, other companies have taken the idea and improved upon it. Such as the company that designed the WooHoo 2.0 Inflatable Lounger. The new WooHoo …

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BonClare | Waterproof Inflatable Air Lounger Sofa


When it comes to inflatable loungers, there is quite the variety available on the market today, but when we see a definite bargain, you the reader needs to know about it. As far as bargains go, the BonClare Inflatable Lounger is definitely up there! Lightweight, easy to use and the ability to let you chill …

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Swaag One Tube | Inflatable Lounger Sofa


By now we should all be familiar with the exceptional comfort and ease of use that inflatable loungers have to offer but, they simply seem like they are constantly improving and obviously this brings us much happiness. The latest on the market, the Swaag One Tube, brings us that much needed comfort with a new …

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WindPouch | Inflatable Polyurethan-coated Sofa/Lounger/Hammock


Earlier we wrote about the top 5 inflatable sofa loungers on the market, however, the WindPouch was not released yet and we believe that it requires a spot of its own. So, if you were looking for the perfect way to chill that offers both comfort and ease-of-use, the WindPouch Inflatable Hammock is just for …

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AeroNest | The Portable Inflatable Air Lounger


We all know how comfortable bean bags can be but portability has always been a problem with them. They take up a lot of space and aren’t ideal for traveling. However, with the latest inflatable sofas that are hitting the market this problem has been solved. Without compromising on comfort and yet integrating both mobility …

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