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Kodak Ektra | A Photographer’s Dream Smartphone

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If you are a photographer, there is no doubt that you’ve experienced the opportune photo moment and had forgotten your camera. Your smartphone is the closest available device, and you snap the shot. We all know, from personal experience, that most smartphones fall very short from the mark. Well, thanks to the Kodak Ektra that …

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NEW! Kodak Super 8 Camera


Kodak Super 8 cameras were first launched in the 60s and ever since, earned a special place in film history. Now, after so many years, Kodak decided to merge analogue with the digital world and develop the New Super 8 Camera. You should know that Super 8 cameras were always a big deal among filmmakers, …

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Have you noticed that the most beautiful and exciting moments of life are usually the least capturable ones? Well, they used to be but that changed with the recent JK Imaging announcement that the amazing Kodak PixPro SP360 Action Camera has arrived. Modeled in a cubic form with a dome lens placed at the top, …

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