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Father’s Day Gifts From Huckberry

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As you probably know, Father’s Day is getting closer and it’s still not late to surprise yours with an interesting and more importantly, useful gift. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been doing our best to help you find what you’re looking for and today is no different. So, read on and stop wasting …

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Opinel Le Petit Chef Set | Knife Set For Kids


Last time we mentioned Opinel, it was about their extremely useful and tough survival knife. Now we have something different in mind, but also made with high-quality standards. Opinel Le Petit Chef Set will teach kids how to hold a knife properly as well as many other things. In this set, you get a finger guard, …

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Chatwin Crucial | Pristine Chef’s Knife Set


If there is one tool that should be of superb quality in your kitchen, it’s a decent knife. A knife can be the difference between an amazing culinary experience, or simply horrid. Well, if you were looking to treat yourself or someone else to a fantastic gift this Christmas, look no further. Introducing the Chatwin …

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Infinity Blades Ceramic Knife Set | By Dalstrong


Ceramic knives are the best kitchen knives you can possibly get. The reason why they’ve become widely popular among home chefs is the fact that they are rough, extremely sharp and the hardest knives available. Dalstrong offers a set of their Infinity Blades, professional knives that will serve as the ultimate kitchen slicing and dicing tool. The …

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Survivor HK-753 | 3 Survival Knives With Firestarter


If there is one tool that you definitely need to survive in the wild, it’s a proper blade, or set, as the case may be. Luckily for us, the Survivor 3-Piece Knife Set is exactly what we need. Be it a camping trip, a hunting trip, or a roam through the jungle, you’re going to …

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Browning specializes in cutlery and survival gear for the toughest and demanding environments. In this Browning DIY Butcher Kit, they offer blades for every cutting chore imaginable, whether you are a hunter or just enjoy cooking. The blades are made of 420 stainless steel with a satin finish containing the Browning logo. The 3 larger knives …

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When preparing for a longer camping trip it’s very important that you pack cooking gear along with other necessities. A compact stove, gas or wood powered, is a must have but you also got to bring knives. The only problem with packing cooking knives is that they are too bulky, and it usually ends up being just one …

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