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6 Reasons Why Homeowners Are Making The Switch To Brass Sinks

When it comes to home interior finishings, most of us tend to stick with traditional materials such as ceramic, glass, or stone. Even though copper and steel are becoming more commonplace in the home, there’s one alternative material that is not so commonly used: brass. Fortunately, for those who appreciate the beauty of this forgotten …

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Summer Bar Essentials | Food Edition

This week we started a Summer Bar Essentials topic. Last time we talked about cocktails and recommended a few bar pieces for making and experimenting with these refreshing drinks. This article is dedicated to food. You’ll find different items that will help you in the kitchen and speed up the food making process. Less time preparing, …

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Nest Homeware | Cast Iron Cookware


Today, we’re talking about Nest Homeware, a small company from Rhode Island that makes quality and super useful cookware. Their products are made with respect to centuries of cooking since they all feature cast iron. What’s the same for all is that they are ready to use, have a smooth cooking surface and are lightweight. Of course, cast …

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LidSitter | Clear Up Your Kitchen Space and Minimize Mess

from $10|

Kitchen gadgets usually look pretty cute and make handy accessories, but few of them are as versatile and useful as the LidSitter. If you spend a fair amount of time in your kitchen, you know how messy preparing meals can get. Multiple pots with their lids spread around, spoons, ladles, boards; sometimes you just don’t know …

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Paper Mills Studios | Shared Workspace And Photo Studio

Sam, a photographer and director, and Sarah, a stylist and art director, decided to create their dream work place that will have everything necessary for their jobs. In a search for the perfect place, the two of them decided to transform an old paper mill in London to a beautifully designed multi-use workspace- Paper Mills …

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Ingredients: A Visual Exploration of 75 Additives & 25 Food Products


Have you ever wondered what is really inside your food? Moreover, did you wish to know what it looked like? Well, thanks to photographer Dwight Eschliman and science writer Steve Ettlinger, now you can do just that. Check out their new book called Ingredients: A Visual Exploration of 75 Additives & 25 Food Products. From …

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Mag Stickers | Magnetic Stickers For Kitchen Knives


When you’re organizing your kitchen space, you should try to keep it as minimal as possible. You wouldn’t want everything to get cluttered on the counter space. It just doesn’t look good. Also, don’t store everything in drawers, especially valuable high-quality products, like the finest kitchen knives. They’ll get damaged soon if you keep them …

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Lekue Kabob Maker


You don’t really make kabobs often, do you? That’s probably because you have to grill them, and everyone likes to avoid making a mess. Lekue developed a Kabob Maker for microwave use that’s really simple to use. First of all, figure out what you want to put in your kabobs. You can use any kind of …

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For those of you who enjoy organic food and prefer to know where it came from, there is now a way to be absolutely sure – grow it yourself. You may think that, to grow plants, you need a garden, but you are wrong. In this article, we are bringing you a way to grow …

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