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ChefsTalk Knife | Made From 60 Layers of Damascus Steel

125+ euros|

Today we’re talking about a Kickstarter project now being funded that will be interesting to both cooking enthusiasts and cooking professionals. It’s a ChefsTalk Knife crafted by Germancut. Creating a perfect chef’s knife is hard. You need to make it from the highest quality materials and create it with both function and design in mind. Luckily, these folks …

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Cut Throat Knives X Starward | Limited Edition Bunka Style Chef Knife


We just love when two great brands team up to create an awesome product. That’s exactly the case with this Limited Edition Bunka Style Chef Knife. This quality knife is a result of a collaboration between Cut Throat Knives and Starward, an Australian whiskey distillery. The philosophy behind this collaboration was to create a high-quality knife that will incorporate …

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Viking Knife | By Helle


If you’re interested in history or just want a rustic knife, the Helle Viking Knife is an item inspired by belt knives Vikings used to carry. The knife was made to support the fundraiser for the all around Viking long ship voyage. It’s supposed to be a recreation of the traditional Viking knife. The blade …

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