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11 Kitchen Gifts for Christmas – Kitchen Essentials

With Christmas just around the corner, you should get ready to treat yourself and your loved ones with special gifts. This year we are making several gift guide editions and first in line is reserved for the chefs and cooking enthusiasts. See our 11 Kitchen Essentials below. 1 – 3-Ingredient Cocktails Organize the best Christmas and New …

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Summer Bar Essentials | Food Edition

This week we started a Summer Bar Essentials topic. Last time we talked about cocktails and recommended a few bar pieces for making and experimenting with these refreshing drinks. This article is dedicated to food. You’ll find different items that will help you in the kitchen and speed up the food making process. Less time preparing, …

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Nest Homeware | Cast Iron Cookware


Today, we’re talking about Nest Homeware, a small company from Rhode Island that makes quality and super useful cookware. Their products are made with respect to centuries of cooking since they all feature cast iron. What’s the same for all is that they are ready to use, have a smooth cooking surface and are lightweight. Of course, cast …

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SushiAya 11-Piece DIY Sushi Maker Kit


Ever tried making sushi yourself? It might seem hard but if you know what you’re doing, it’s an enjoyable process. Thanks to the SushiAya Kit you don’t have to spend a lot of money going to restaurants but impress your friends at home with these crazy skills.  The first thing to explain is that you don’t …

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Editors’ Pick Of The 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets From GearBest

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GearBest is celebrating their second anniversary and to honor this celebration we’ve put together a list of 10 cool kitchen gadgets that are both useful and fun. Check it out. 1 – Loch Ness Monster Design Ladle This unique looking monster ladle will have its neck stick out of the soup like it supposedly does in Loch …

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LidSitter | Clear Up Your Kitchen Space and Minimize Mess

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Kitchen gadgets usually look pretty cute and make handy accessories, but few of them are as versatile and useful as the LidSitter. If you spend a fair amount of time in your kitchen, you know how messy preparing meals can get. Multiple pots with their lids spread around, spoons, ladles, boards; sometimes you just don’t know …

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Campfire Range | By Primus


If you like preparing and having meals in the great outdoors, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise the taste of your food. With the Primus Campfire Range, you’ll be able to make complete gourmet meals wherever you are. The campfire stoves have two burners and are designed for large pots and pans so you’ll …

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The Deck | Flexible Wine and Goblet Holder

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If you’re the type of person who loves modern life hacks and kitchen gadgets, you’ll love The Deck – Flexible Wine and Goblet Holder. This item is designed by Studio Leene from Taiwan and it can hold up to three wine bottles and a number of wine glasses at a time. It’s made of recycled paper so …

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