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Excellent Tips To Make Your Holiday Travel With Kids More Enjoyable

After making all the necessary pre-travel arrangements, the next step will be to pack what you need for the journey. For example, you will need to carry spare clothes and nappies, many wet wipes, and more snacks than you could have anticipated. Below, we list the ten most essential items and necessities to carry when …

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ROOBO BeanQ Robot Wins Red Dot Award 2017

We are witnessing the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence, especially systems in the field of products and services. ROOBO is a Chinese company founded in 2014 with the idea to develop intelligent consumer robots. Their latest project, the ‘BeanQ’, just beat 60 other countries in the ‘best of the best’ honor at the Red Dot Award 2017. BeanQ is a …

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Huckbaby | Huckberry For Kids

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After years of featuring outdoor and adventure gear for grown-ups, Huckberry decided to make a collection for our little ones. That’s right. On their website, you can now find Huckbaby, filled with super cool items for kids. Check out a few: If you remember, we wrote about a Rumpl blanket earlier, but this one is made …

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Intex Explorer 200 | Ultra-Cheap Inflatable Dinghy


Since time immemorial, man has always had an affinity for aquatics; there is something rejuvenating and sublimely relaxing be in or around a body of water. With the invention of boats, and dinghy’s, we were able to traverse the world and experience new sights. As technology progresses, things are becoming smarter, cheaper and more efficient …

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