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Jeep Revolution BFR-3 | Off-Roading Kids Pedal Go-Kart


With Christmas coming up, it’s time to go shopping and get your kids something awesome! Well, when we speak of awesome, we’re speaking of none other than the Jeep Revolution BFR-3! The Jeep Revolution is a kids pedal-powered go-kart that comes with three gears! It also has a variety of different accessories that makes it …

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2016 Summer Special Minion Sale

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Everbuying has brought us some fantastic deals, like they did in their 2016 Teclast Megasale, but now, they have brought us a new sale. When Despicable Me came out, it seemed that the whole world was taken by storm, children and adults alike took an immediate liking to the goofy and comical characters that the …

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Kano DIY Computer Kit | Smart Way To Get Your Kid Into Coding


In this modern and technological age, it’s very important to prepare your kids for the high-tech world they’re going to live in. Most of the jobs and careers are going to be closely related to computers and electronics, so your kid has to be ready. This Kano Computer Kit offers the perfect opportunity for your …

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to see perfectly in the dark, just like it is the middle of the day? Human beings don’t have the capacity of perfect night vision unlike some animals, including cats and owls, famous for having perfect night sight. But now you can experience this incredible, almost supernatural sensation …

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