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The Barisieur | An Alarm Clock That Makes You Coffee


We all know what a pain it can be to get up in the morning but there are those mornings where we wake up to smell of freshly brewed coffee and suddenly the world seems a better place. We all need our caffeine fix and luckily, The Barisieur allows you to wake up to the …

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MUV | The Modular Water Filtration System


Without water, life wouldn’t exist. For many of us, having clean drinking water has never really been a problem but in light of the Flint water crisis, it’s becoming more apparent that we need new and innovative ways to filter our water to remove particulates, pathogens and metals. This is exactly what MUV offers; an …

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Travellr | The Only Travel Bag And Razor Case You’ll Ever Need


It has become a rarity to find authentic hand-crafted leather goods that have been made the old-fashioned way by skilled artisans. These products are built to last a lifetime and, apart from practicality, that’s exactly what Range Leather is offering with their hand-crafted leather Travellr: Travel Bag and Razor Case. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. What …

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The GoBoat | The World’s Most Portable Boat


We all know that feeling when you have an awesome weekend planned with the lads to go camping, fishing and other lakeside activities and as you get lost in your reveries, you are suddenly met with a sinking feeling of anguish. You realize that you don’t have a boat; nor, the space to even store …

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Noria | The Window Air Conditioner Redefined


Air conditioners are a necessity for those hot summer days and even though window air conditioners have been around for almost 60 years, the technology hasn’t been refined until now. With regular window air conditioners your window is permanently obstructed and you have no possibility of getting fresh air in your home. Well, Noria aims …

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Spin | The Gyroscopic Spintop


Many of us remember having a spin top in our younger days. They were great fun and we spent hours perfecting the craft and acquiring new tricks. Simplistyk has taken the spin top to a completely new level thanks to good engineering and design, and created Spin – The Gyroscopic Spin Top. Pre-order at a …

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The Owlbag | World’s First Transformative Backpack


Realizing that backpacks are somewhat limited in their functionality, the creators of OWLBAG set out to create something different that can be molded to your particular style and needs. For instance, you would not be carrying a backpack to a business meeting, or a messenger bag to an outdoor adventure but you certainly do need …

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OLO | World’s First Smartphone 3D Printer


3D printers have gained a massive amount of popularity in recent years but they are usually cumbersome and cost anywhere from hundreds of dollars to a few thousand. We’ve been waiting for a cheaper model to come out and OLO is just that. This is the world’s first 3D printer that works with your smartphone. …

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Ferrofluid Lamp


If you spend a lot of time just browsing through random content on the web, then you must have stumbled upon ferrofluids and the interesting shape shifting properties they get when exposed to a magnetic field. People are experimenting more and more with them and we can see its presence in the commercial market. One …

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