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Butterply | Multifunctional Plywood Desk


Having a proper desk can make your life much easier; many of us do spend a lot of time working behind our desk in anyways. By having a modular, multifunctional desk, it can greatly help you with your work load and your organizational skills. Well, that was exactly what the guys at Upscaling Operations (UPSOP) …

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Sudacas Sticotti | The Only Bookshelf You Will Ever Need


A decent bookshelf and coat rack is something that every home needs. It adds a touch of style while still emanating class and when you come across a modular book shelf like the Sudacas Sticotti Bookshelf and Coat Rack, you know that what you’re getting adds all of those elements and makes your home unique. …

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GR2 | Secret Storage Spheres


When it comes to having secret storages for small, valuable items, the best hiding places are always in plain sight where people will never expect to look. Now, for the first time ever, we have laid our eyes upon a secret storage that is not only functional but adds class and style to your desk …

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VAULTCARD | The Ultimate RFID Protection


RFID technology has been around for a while and it has made it easier for consumers and business because it removes the need for you to reveal your pin and it is much quicker since you simply tap your card to the payment system. However, hackers can also exploit this by using RFID scanners and …

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Jacopo Dondi | 24-Hour Watch Collection


We are used to only having 12 hour dials when we think of watches, however, we bet that you haven’t heard of a single handed 24-hour watch that features a unique style in and of itself. Your watch selection says a lot about your style, uniqueness as a person and, indeed, about your finesse. Luckily …

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Live Lite Hot Weather Pants | By DU/ER Performance Denim


When it comes to traveling, looking professional and hot weather, don’t always mix. Pants that are versatile, comfortable and cooling while still having class and professional style simply didn’t exist, until now. Thanks to dish & DU/ER, the Live Lite Hot Weather Pants will change the pants that we wear forever! Pre-order from Kickstarter here and save …

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Pen Uno & Pencil Uno | Minimalist Writing Tools


Ennso featured one of their pens a while back on Kickstarter and received support from more than 1000 backers. Now, after time spent in development and the creation of various prototypes, they are back again with their latest elegant and yet minimalist writing instrument, the Pen Uno & Pencil Uno. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. We …

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GlareSmile | An Innovative Automatic Toothbrush


Our oral health is an extremely important aspect to overall health, and yet, it is the most overlooked. Tooth decay is the most widely spread disease in the world and affects over 90% of US adults over 40. Surely, we all know the 3 times a day for 2 minutes a time rule when it …

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HelioTent | The World’s First Portable Intelligent Sun Shade


With summer in full effect, there is nothing quite like spending time in the sun. We get our much needed dose of Vitamin D, we get a tan and we just look better. However, the sun delivers harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause skin cancer, sunburn and various other disorders. Finally, thanks to the …

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BOLDR Watches | Immaculate Timepieces For Everyday Wear


A decent watch is something that every man, and even ladies, should own. A watch speaks volumes about your style, personality, class and when a watch looks as good as those that are offered by BOLDR, it even speaks about the inherent finesse that you have. BOLDR Watches brings all of this and more to …

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