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The Rocket Grinder | An All-In-One MJ Grinder


When it comes to preparing Marijuana for edibles, smoking or vaping, a grinder is a necessity; it allows for decent smoking, or vaporization, since it allows your herb to burn evenly. However, when it comes to the world of grinders, we have never seen something like this. The Rocket Grinder is a multi-functional grinder and …

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The Fat Fly | A Micro Titanium Multi-Tool For Your Fly

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Designers and industries are focusing more and more on creating everyday multi-purpose tools that can fit into people’s pockets, wallets, or that attach to keychains. Another example of such tool is The Fat Fly Micro Titanium Multi-Tool. If you’ve heard of the Fly Pry, this tool is its bigger and more functional cousin. This new …

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Arcus | A Stylish And Super Lightweight Carabiner | By SVØRN


There isn’t too much new and innovative stuff out there regarding jewelry and accessories. By now we’ve practically seen it all. But there is an interesting and young company from Stockholm, Sweeden, called SVØRN, that’s ready to offer something new. SVØRN is a company that mainly works with all sorts of metals, to create extraordinary yet …

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All EDC items should have a few things in common: they should be compact enough so that carrying them is not a problem, they should be sturdy enough to withstand long time use and they should be multi-functional. An EDC item which has all of these characteristics is the Fly Pry, a titanium multi-tool which is …

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Multi-tools are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but people mostly go for the ones which can be carried around without even noticing them. Credit card multi-tools are particularly popular for this reason, but we are going to show you a multi-tool which cannot be compared to any other in terms of …

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