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Top 7 Iconic Destinations To See By Kayak

With more than thirty-five thousand kilometres of coastline, countless islands and a plethora of lakes, rivers, gorges and ravines to explore, Australia is a kayakers dream. Exploring Australia’s diverse landscape by kayak offers paddlers an opportunity to gain a unique perspective of some of the country’s most stunning locations. From pristine white-sand beaches to rugged …

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Crystal Kayak


You’ve probably seen a classic kayak a hundred times but there’s one you don’t see often – Crystal Kayak. We don’t know how to begin with the advantages of using a kayak. You can use it for instance for fishing, or to get fit. You can even opt to replace your tender on your sailing yacht. Crystal …

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CreekKooler | Floating Kayak Cooler


Next time you’re off kayaking or enjoying your free days on the water, why not have a little kayak next to you, carrying your booze? If that sounds like a cool idea, then you’re gonna love CreekKooler. This floating portable cooler will save space in your kayak while keeping your drinks cold. By using the streamlined, …

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Kayacat | The Multipurpose Boat In A Backpack


Kickstarter has brought us many innovative ideas and technologies but we can assure you that you have never seen anything like this before. If you are a water lover, then the Kayacat is definitely something that you should own. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. The Kayacat is a watercraft that truly is like nothing else in …

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Onak | The Origami Foldable Canoe


Made for outdoor lovers, Onak is the new foldable canoe you can now find on Kickstarter. With its smart and compact design, it can be unfolded and set up in around 10 minutes. Onak allows you to easily store it in your home, put in the trunk of your car or simply carry it around. …

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Pakayak | The Ultimate Packable Kayak


The size of a kayak is something that can easily make a problem, especially if you don’t have enough storage for it. This is the reason why a lot of people simply choose not to get one. Pakayak, on the other hand, solved the problem by making a Bluefin 14, a packable kayak that can …

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MOKAI ES-Kape | The Motorized Kayak


With MOKAI ES-Kape, the idea was to develop a durable and lightweight kayak that’s at the same time motorized. This will make transportation very simple but also allow fishermen to go upstream and explore without getting exhausted. Weighing only 42 lbs, the 7hp, 4-stroke engine contributes to its lightweight construction. Another thing that makes the MOKAI ES-Kape special is its …

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Oru Beach | An Entry Level Folding Kayak | By Oru Kayak


When the original Oru Kayak was first introduced, the idea got a huge support on Kickstarter. Just like it usually happens, with time and customer feedback new additions are incorporated into the initial design. The company launched Oru Beach Kayak, an upgraded version that folds just like the original kayak. For those unfamiliar with it, …

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Those of you who have experienced the benefits of setting out on open waters in a kayak and felt the liberty of moving across a large body of water will recognize the value of the O Six Hundred Kayak, designed to immerse yourself even more in the design and functionality of a kayak. Designed by Andrew …

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from $1.650|

Three years ago, Oru Kayak has made their dream of crowd-funding their foldable kayak, the Oru Kayak, a reality and after that spawned another version called the Oru Bay+. Oru Kayak is back with another type of these amazing origami kayaks, but this time they offer a 16 foot kayak which was inspired by traditional …

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