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Are you one of those who still haven’t come up with a unique, interesting yet useful gift for a dear person of yours whether for the past Christmas or the upcoming New Year’s or better yet birthday or any other kind of celebration? Well this might be just the thing for you. An industrial designer …

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Amoje Food Capital in Lotte Shopping Mall by Karim Rashid

L’enfant terrible of the design world, Karim Rashid has designed yet another whimsical-looking food court / landmark / socializing area in his engaged technicolour style. Rashid and his team of architects (Juliette Hyunju Lee, Alex Loyer Hughes, Kamala Hutauruk, Mike Gibson, and Mana Mohammadkhani) were commissioned to design the interior of the Amoje Food Capital …

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‘Switch’ Restaurant Lounge in Dubai by Karim Rashid

You can like or dislike Karim Rashid’s work, sing praises about him or criticize him, call him ingenious or “a stylist who tries too hard” (the source of this statement will remain nameless on purpose), but you certainly cannot deny the fact that this iconic designer and artist has the unmistakable style. To us, his …

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