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Jerry Can Bar Cabinets | By One Copenhagen


If you’ve never heard of Jerry Cans, you’ve definitely seen one. They date all the way back to World War II and were used by the Germans to carry mostly fuel. In fact, they would come in different colors, depending on what’s inside them (red- gasoline, yellow- diesel, blue- petrol, and light blue- water). The folks from …

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Surecan Gas Can | The Last Gas Can You’ll Ever Need

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If you think there’s no more innovation that can be made to a simple thing like the gas can, you’re very wrong. The Surecan Gas Can was created to make pouring gas easier and to prevent spills. It’s very easy to use, and with it, you’ll never again have to bend over and tip your can. …

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Rampage Trail Can and Utility Tool Box | Every Off-Roaders Dream


Going on a road trip? You don’t have enough space in your car for your luggage, fuel tank and all essential tools for your car? Well, Rampage Trail Can and Utility Tool Box will allow you to organize your space and tools with the Trail Can that can easily fit in your car. Here’s what …

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Yes, there is such a thing as a macho-looking jerry can! And the one we are talking about today comes from the factory of Atlantic British Ltd which is actually a pioneer in Land Rover parts supply in North America. This 20-litre steel jerry can is a fluid container designed in the classic European military style. Although …

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