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NEW! Live Stream Your GoPro Footage On Periscope

Periscope app for iPhones and other iOS devices has been extremely popular these days, and now Periscope has some great news for their users. From now on you will be able to live stream your GoPro videos via Periscope. Up until now, Periscope users were limited exclusively to cameras on iOS devices which limited the …

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Lumu Power | Light Meter For Your iPhone

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After launching Lumu in 2013, Slovenian-based Lumu Labs is back on Kickstarter this month, trying to raise money to show their newest invention to the world. Lumu Power is the next generation of light meters and it has so much more to offer. Check out the innovations it features. Your iPhone can become your best friend …

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Looking for a new pair of sneakers? There is a completely new way for you to get yourself a new pair and it does not involve going to a store or checking online stores for the pair you like. The Slang app has changed all of that. This app is marketed as the ultimate sneaker …

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If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, then you should probably think twice before messing with a smartpen; especially with one not unlike the Equil Smartpen 2. Although not the freshest of ideas when it comes to the trend of having a “smart” version of most of your household appliances and other items you …

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If you are tired of using your smartphone for games and silly apps to help you pass the time, try helping out someone in need. With Be My Eyes, an app which pairs up sighted with blind people, you can provide much need assistance to the blind and feel the joy of doing a good …

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If you are into sushi, you will love the Sooshi App. It covers all aspects of this Asian treat. The Sooshi App has five different sections, each of them covering a particular aspect of sushi. They are named Sushi, Utensils, Fish, Ingredients and Restaurants. Each of the sections is very clear, understandable and easy to …

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