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LightRails – New Look of a Demised Underpass by Bill FitzGibbons

Birmingham, Alabama is the place of this railroad underpass brought into the spotlight by Bill FitzGibbons, a sculptor and public artist who named the installation ‘LightRails‘. The underpass, though a very important gateway, used to be a deteriorated tunnel that was by no means inviting and seemed eerie and even dangerous, but the use of …

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New Orleans based artist Candy Chang has created one of the most involving community projects ever. Her project is called ‘Before I Die‘ and it gained popularity rather quickly. The basic idea is simple. It all started from painting an abandoned house in New Orleans with repeated unfinished sentence ‘Before I die I want to …

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Floating Dome Made Of NYC’s Broken Umbrellas and Plastic Bottles

The Bronx River in New York is the place where you can see this amazing floating dome created by SLO Architecture Studio run by spouses Amanda Schachter and Aexander Levi. It is made of recycled umbrellas and plastic bottles. However, this is not a new idea. The same couple had already created a similar dome …

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