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SENQIAO Inflatable Sofa


When it comes to getting decent seating, inflatable loungers really do take the cake. They are easy to use, super comfortable and adaptable to any situation that you find yourself in –  be it chilling at the beach, your back yard or even to get some easy seating for guests. The latest, the SENQIAO Inflatable …

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Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow Premium


We’re continuing with the best things you can get for travelling. Next in line is the Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium, an inflatable pillow you can use in all sort of situations, whether you need a more comfortable ride or like to pack light when going on a camping trip.  The multi-functional valve allows you to inflate …

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When it comes to furniture design, art and design students and graduates have proven to be a fountain of good, even revolutionary ideas. Case in point, Tehila Guy, the designer of Anda Inflatable Chair which she created for her final project at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Guy is pushing the envelope …

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