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Prefab Light House | By ARKit

ARKit is a company that specializes in prefabricated architecture solutions. What they do is create modular structures in a factory and then assemble them all on site. Light House is one of their projects, located in Aireys Inlet, Australia, next to the coast. Light House is a one-story house with two bedrooms. The idea was for it …

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Mororo House | By Studio MK27

We recently wrote about a magnificent rainforest house located in Brazil. Now we have another one worth a mention, also constructed by Studio MK27 in a mountainous region of Brazil, 180 km from São Paulo. Despite Brazil’s hot temperatures, this part of the country is actually a bit chillier, never exceeding 20 degrees Celsius. This is why …

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Casa Na Mata | The Rainforest House By Studio MK27

The Brazilian rainforest may sound too exotic to some, but for Studio MK27 it’s an ideal location to build a magnificent structure- Casa Na Mata. This rainforest house is another great example of a perfect getaway, a house that blends in with the surrounding land. Casa Na Mata is located west of the Paulista shore in …

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The Gomos Modular Housing System

Samuel Gonclaves is an architect from Portugal that came up with a modular housing system called Gomos System that can be completed in just a few days. Each building consists of smaller units/modules that are assembled on-site. The module or what they call it, Gomos, is made from concrete and assembled together on whatever location the buyer chooses. …

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Amagansett Dunes House | By Bates Masi

Modern architecture has evolved so much, that we’re now seeing some extraordinary things on a regular basis. One family asked the Bates Masi Architects to build them a Dunes House in Amagansett, New York. They wanted a house “big enough for their entire family” and these creative architects met their conditions, but they added a …

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1 – Eagle I Stallian Straight from Montreal, Canada comes Eagle I Stallian a talented duo of energetic musicians who, backed by their 10 year long experience in the music business, are here to take over the world with their tracks. Varti Deuchoghlian (Eagle I) and Rafi Bogharian (Stallian) have been involved in the music scene for …

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Trailer homes have never looked more appealing now that a company called Leaf House has made several amazing small trailer homes. Made from eco-friendly materials, these fully equipped tiny homes are as cozy as regular ones. Based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, Leaf House manufactures fully functional trailer homes featuring a modern design and made from …

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Technological advances have found their way into every aspect of our everyday lives. As technology evolves, so do the features of many devices which have been around in your house for quite some time. The smarter versions of many of those have began to appear on the market in large numbers. The latest, most promising …

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The main characteristic of the modern world we live in, is probably the rapid way of life in which practicality, comfort and simplicity play the leading roles. This also means that the famous phrase “less is more” gains in importance more than ever before. And, it is precisely this byword that comes to our mind …

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