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The Longcave | House In Vietnam By 23o5 Studio

Vietnamese 23o5 Studio created a beautiful house 40km east of Vinh Long to serve as a safe haven for its owners. The area is known for a wide-open land filled with fields and rivers, so the idea was to incorporate that atmosphere into the house. The name Longcave comes from its dimensions since it’s 5 x 40 meters …

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Air Bonsai | Floating Bonsai Trees

from $200|

If you stumbled upon a floating bonsai tree on the internet lately and wondered what’s the deal with it, we’re gonna make everything clear to you. First of all, you should know this is a DIY project, so it won’t just be the most interesting thing to see when you walk into someone’s home, but …

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Plants have been known to make almost any interior seem alive and more beautiful and Sky Planter makes it possible to have plants even in very small indoor places. In addition, it will clean the air in your house and improve your physical and mental health. The Sky Planter provides you with plants in your …

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