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Mediterranean Dragon House

GilBartolomé Architects created an awesome Mediterranean Dragon House in Granada, Spain. It has a unique wavy roof made from handmade zinc tiles and what’s really amazing about it is that it’s dug into a 42-degree cliff face. Because of the way the house is built into a cliff, it keeps a constant temperature of 19.5 degrees celsius. ‘The …

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Casas Em Movimento Solar Homes

Casas Em Movimento is a project from a Portuguese firm and it means Moving Houses. The idea behind this project is to turn a house into an architectural sunflower that rotates in order to maximize the amount of solar energy it receives. This technology was developed at the University of Porto, Faculty of Architecture. These houses have two axes …

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The Gomos Modular Housing System

Samuel Gonclaves is an architect from Portugal that came up with a modular housing system called Gomos System that can be completed in just a few days. Each building consists of smaller units/modules that are assembled on-site. The module or what they call it, Gomos, is made from concrete and assembled together on whatever location the buyer chooses. …

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Soleta zeroEnergy | Off-Grid Homes

Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technologies (FITS) developed Soleta zeroEnergy Houses that minimize losses and save energy by using renewable energy sources (geothermal energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity). The main material used in the construction of the houses is wood since it gives off warmth and doesn’t need too much maintenance. SoletaOne house is …

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We are always on the lookout for amazing architecture designs, and we have one that is not only amazing, but unique in every sense of the word. From architecture company Anonymous comes a design which flips conventional designs upside down and gives you a home which has limited amount of  accessibility, albeit not to you, but everyone …

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