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Edgeland House | Modern Re‐interpretation Of The Native American Pit House

Created by Bercy Chen Studio and located on a rehabilitated brownfield site, the Edgeland House is where modern meets the past. The house was inspired by the Native American pit house, one of the oldest types of house structure in North America. What’s characteristic for this type of building is that it’s built into the ground. The purpose was to …

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Cornwall Gardens | Eco-Friendly Family Home In Singapore

Designed by Singapore studio Chang Architects, Cornwall Gardens is an environmentally friendly family home. The intention was to create an “open home, a cool tropical paradise for the family, encouraging their children to raise their families here when they grow up”. What is the most fascinating thing about this house is not the size but the dense …

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Cabin Straumsnes | A Modern Norwegian Holiday House

Designed by Rever & Drage Architects, Cabin Straumsnes is a modern complex that overlooks the Norwegian Sea. This holiday house is built on a place where the old, 50s cabin was located. The architects claim it’s paradoxical that the new main cabin was built after the annex in the first place. The reason lies in the fact that …

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Stunning Apus Kankay House On The Eastern Bank Of A Patagonian Lake

The Apus Kankay House has a contemporary structure with quite an unusual shape, created to provide shelter from extreme weather, icy winds, and rain. Designed by Aguilo + Pedraza Arquitectos, this family lake house is located next to the Rupanco Lake in Chilean Patagonia. The house has two levels, each one serving a different purpose. On the first level, …

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Sunset Ranch In The Uinta Mountains Tributes The American West


Located in the Uinta Mountains, the unique Sunset Ranch is made to pay tribute to the American Western heritage. The ranch covers 113 acres of land and uses natural materials to bring the 19th-century barn charm. The location itself is pretty impressive since the ranch is close both to Park City and Deer Valley. The beauty of the location …

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Director Michael Bay’s Modern Three-Story Los Angeles Villa

The architect Chad Oppenheim designed a stunning three-story house for the director Michael Bay in Los Angeles. Each storey of this hillside house is a separate module stacked one on top of the other on a different angle. The house is located on a 30,000 square feet lot that provides an amazing view of both LA and the Santa Monica mountain …

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Tom Ford’s Santa Fe Ranch


If you’re looking to invest $75 million, why not buy a stunning ranch in New Mexico? You’ve heard it, Tom Ford recently put his almost 21,000 acres property on the market. The property includes a modern minimalistic home, an eight-stall horse barn, riding areas both for indoors and outdoors, two guest houses, staff quarters and an entire western movie town. …

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Waitpinga House

Nestled on the Australian coast, Waitpinga House is a perfect holiday family house. It was designed by Mountford Williamson Architecture to present the casual and informal lifestyle but also the beautiful natural surrounding. With its own power, water and waste management, this sustainable house allows you to live off the grid. Waitpinga House is surrounded by trees …

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Alpha Tiny House

Tiny houses are getting more popular and when you think about it, the reasons are pretty much clear. First of all, everything inside is very compact, they are affordable and a perfect way to spend your holidays, weekends or even to turn them into a permanent residence. Alpha Tiny House is designed to maximize the space …

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