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NuBryte | All-in-One Smart Home System


NuBryte is a touchpoint home console that features smart technology and an all-in-one system. It’s at the same time a security and lighting system, weather forecast, calendar, energy monitor and wireless intercom. With the smart lighting system, you can set 5 different advanced modes, depending on the situation and room. There’s also a cool feature …

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August Doorbell Cam


August products are made to keep your home secured and protected. August Doorbell Cam is just like that since it enables you to always know who’s in front of your door. August Doorbell Cam uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone, so as soon as someone rings the bell, you will be alerted. Then you can …

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If you’re concerned about the safety of your home or office, you’ll be glad to hear that an affordable and reliable home security device has finally arrived – costing less than $100 and extremely easy to set up, Korner Home Security is the world’s first one-piece door/window security system that combines unobtrusive looks and ultimate …

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