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The Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2016 | Part 1

Cruising on a motorcycle is among the most satisfying things that one can do. Be it for travel, leisure or simply ripping up some dirt on a scrambler. Either way, it’s undeniably fun and exhilarating. However, there are two things that are of extreme importance when riding; you need to stay safe and keep your …

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Bell Bullitt Carbon | A Modern Helmet With Vintage Style


There is nothing quite like cruising down the highway on your bike when you’ve got a lot on your mind. There comes a point where it seems that you are simply floating above the tarmac and the world is moving past you. Complete exhilaration! However, every rider also knows that both safety and style is …

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Schuberth C3 Pro Motorcycle Helmet

from $757|

Helmets are an essential part of every motorcycle equipment, so you have to choose the right one for you in order to feel comfortable and safe before you sit on your bike. Schuberth C3 Pro helmets have a rear spoiler and they are very quiet at high speeds. The C3 Pro helmet by Schuberth may …

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LinkPro Sports ‘Explore1’ Skiing Helmet With Wireless Connectivity

from $399|

Skiing helmets are there to provide protection and LinkPro Sports ‘Explore1’ takes this function to a completely different level. Besides the safety features, it integrates full Bluetooth capability and FM helmet to helmet communication. This helmet can be used for other sports as well, like mountain biking and snowboarding. The primary function of this helmet …

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Rainpal Windscreen Wiper


Rainpal is a windscreen wiper that’s attached to your motorcycle helmet and charges via USB. It’s tested up to 100 mph and it will remove rain quickly from the visor and reduce fogging/misting. Rainpal isn’t bulky but quite small and lightweight. With just 5.3 oz this windscreen wiper is around 8% of the weight of an average …

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Modular Ibuki Motorcycle Helmet | By Kabuto


Passionate bikers know how important it is to have a good and comfortable helmet for protection. The Kabuto Ibuki Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet is a modular helmet that’s no heavier than a full face helmet. This is the company’s first flip-up helmet and it features an advanced ACT EVO R composite shell technology, a dual density …

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Shark RAW Blank Helmet


The main task of a helmet is to keep your head in one piece of course, but sometimes we all want something that also looks awesome. This new Shark RAW Blank Helmet is a motorcycle helmet that looks like something a fighter pilot would wear. This Shark helmet has a thermoplastic shell with goggles and …

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Vozz RS 1.0 | By Vozz Helmets


The technology’s advancing every day and every day we have faster and more powerful cars and bikes. Speed gives you the sense of freedom and power, but it also brings safety risks. Just one moment of distraction in traffic’s enough to cause an accident with serious consequences. The bikers are at a particular risk because …

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Fusar Mohawk | Makes Any Helmet A Smart Helmet


The most important thing that helmets are supposed to do is keep our head in one piece. But, in this modern age, we allow ourselves to ask a little bit more of every item out there. It’s the same with helmets too. Well, Mohawk by Fusar is a system that’ll make any helmet a smart …

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Headkayse | A Soft And Packable Bicycle Helmet

from $83.50|

Riding a bicycle has never been safer, and being safe has never been easier. Today, we present you Headkayse, “the world’s first soft but safe, multi-impact, one-size-fits-all, foldable cycle helmet”. Check out its features below to see why this is what you need to get ASAP to replace your current helmet. Headkayse is special on …

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