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The Best AWP Under $10 — AWP | PAW

In gaming, the AWP is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is high-powered and is available to both teams. The weapon is exceptionally potent and is considered “high risk, high reward” owing to its high power and low rate of firing, and is the most used weapon in the Counter-Strike game series. Being an advantageous weapon, …

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Heizer Defense DoubleTap Self-Defense Handgun


Safety and ability to defend your loved ones and yourself are the two things that are becoming more important each and every day. We recently talked about the SALT self-defense gun, and now we’re presenting you with yet another handgun specially designed to be easily concealed and to keep you safe at all times, the Heizer Defense …

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Walther PPK Rubber Band Gun


Admit it – you still love playing with toy weapons. The joys of childhood are now available for the big-sized men too, thanks to Elastic Precision’s PPK Rubber Band Gun. Go back to your most interesting and careless days or just spend some time reconnecting with your young self – you know you want to. …

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SALT | A Legal And Safe Self Defense Gun For The Home


People are always worried about theirs and the safety of their loved ones. Even in this modern, well-organized world, you are not completely safe. Pepper sprays and tasers are a good defense, but that means you have to get close to the attacker. This new self-defense, legal and non-lethal gun by Salt, will allow you …

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