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New! Stanley Insulated Growler


Knowing just how important craft beer is, Stanley released a new high-quality product. Their Insulated Growler is very functional, looks cool and will allow you to transport your brew while keeping it cold. The body is BPA-free and made from stainless steel. This means it’s extremely durable and won’t rust. It also means that the …

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Mira Beer Growler is a vacuum insulated, 64oz growler you will appreciate if you are a beer lover. The bottle is made with high quality 18/8 stainless steel and is BPA free. It’s double walled and has an air-tight seal, so it won’t sweat on the outside, while the content remains cold. So, unlike the …

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Our articles cater to all sorts of crowds but we especially enjoy bringing you the best and the latest from the world of beer. Do you know what a beer growler is? It is an old-fashioned way of dispensing beer dating back to late 19th century when beer was carried from pubs to homes in …

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