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Garmin Tactix Bravo | A Tactical GPS Watch


We recently featured Garmin’s upgraded Fenix 3 HR watch, but they’re not yet done with innovating existing lines. At CES 2016, Garmin introduced Tactix Bravo, an updated version of 2013 Tactix GPS military watch. It’s perfect for tactical training and outdoor navigation and has plenty of useful features. This multisport watch has a colored display and high-strength domed sapphire …

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Garmin Fenix 3 HR | Smartwatch For Sports And Outdoor Enthusiasts


Garmin is well-known for making navigation equipment and multisport GPS watches. Now, they upgraded the Fenix 3 line of watches and introduced Garmin Fenix 3 HR. Its main new feature is the heart rate monitor, so it’s perfect for any sport or outdoor activity. With protective PVD-stainless steel bezel and buttons, this watch is extremely durable. The …

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Suunto Traverse GPS Watch


Suunto is a Finnish company that creates innovative products for adventurers and sports enthusiasts. We already featured Suunto’s brilliant products, and have one more that is definitely worth of mention. Suunto Traverse is a GPS watch for outdoorsmen, perfect on treks and hikes. This watch allows you to plan hikes and find your way when you’re …

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The Garmin D2 pilot watch was, by far, the best watch in its category for quite the time, but now there’s a new sheriff in town. The Garmin D2 Bravo is unlike most pilot watches today, both in terms of style and functionality. Style wise, no one will be able to tell that this is …

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Even though they have made many watches and wearables so far, Garmin has never made a smartwatch. A few days ago, they announced that their first multifunction watch is going to hit the market in Q1 of 2015. Garmin Vivoactive, as they named it, is meant to be a greatly improved version of their activity …

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Lovers of Garmin goodies, rejoice! To kick off the year in the best of ways, the famous manufacturer of navigation equipment has rolled out another amazing multisport watch, the much-expected Garmin Fenix 3. Following the success of its predecessor, the new activity-focused GPS-enabled wristpiece preserves much of the features of its older brother but unlike …

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It’s always a good time to go surfing if you’re fit and eager enough – but what about your score? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a gadget that could track your on-wave performance like a host of smart running, swimming and biking wrispieces do for multisport athletes? Well, believe it or not, that special …

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If you enjoyed our take on Fenix 2 wristwatch introduced by the world-famous navigation equipment manufacturer Garmin a while ago, then you’ll certainly be thrilled by this little piece of fresh info – the Special edition bundle of the much-loved multisport wristpiece has finally arrived and it’s looking pretty sharp, as versatile as ever and …

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If you liked Suunto’s GPS-enabled wristpieces like the Ambit and Ambit2, you’ll be glad to hear that some new members of the Suunto Connected Family have finally arrived – Ambit3 Sport and Ambit3 Peak are the ultimate GPS wristwatches crafted especially for professional athletes and serious adventure-seekers who like to keep track of everything without …

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If you think a watch can only show time, you must have slept through the 21st century. Among many amazing inventions, a golf watch is brought before our eyes. It is a GPS device that is very helpful to all golf players out there. Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch has a high resolution 1-inch display …

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