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Open Concept Green Office Building In France | By NL*A Paris

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Imagine instead of spending your work hours in boring boxed spaces, your office looks more like a zen garden. You would want to spend more hours there and look forward to heading to work every day. Nicolas Laisné Associés (NL*A Paris) revealed plans for new Offices With Terraces. This awesome idea will feature natural light and plenty of …

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How many times did you think about how lovely it would be to work from home, but not get distracted by usual daily activities of your family members? Well, now you have that possibility with Archipod’s new project – a garden office called The Pod. The Pod is a portable office, which perfectly fits in …

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Habitable Polyhedron – A Family Retreat and Garden Office in One

Garden office by Colombian architects Manuel Villa & Alberto González Sepúlveda is more than a mere office, but a family retreat or a place to unwind and it’s simply perfect. It is a home away from everyone, it’s a beautiful addition to any environment, including a garden, it is fully functional and it will not …

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