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Ikea Launches A Pet Collection Called Lurvig

Ikea is well-known for innovations. Just recently, we witnessed their AR app that lets you preview furniture before you buy it. Last week, there was one more update from the company- the release of their pet collection called Lurvig. Many animal lovers greeted the collection, and how couldn’t they when it’s full of products that are …

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Magritt Foldaway Dining Set | By Urban Outfitters


With smaller living space, you have to get creative with the reorganization. This means choose your furniture carefully. Lately, we’ve seen the rise of foldable furniture designed to be super compact. Just check out this Ikea’s tiny bedroom challenge and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Now, we have a nice solution for your dining area …

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Terra! | The Grass Armchair


Furniture design undergoes constant innovation. The perfect example is Terra! – a grass armchair that was successfully funded on Kickstarter just a few days ago. Terra! armchair helps you stay in touch with nature in addition to it having a sustainable approach. It can grow in your backyard and garden and apart for sitting, it can become a part …

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Vintage Jeep Desk | By Canett Furniture


If you’re looking for a cool piece of furniture to update your office or retro themed home, guys from Canett Furniture have something awesome to offer. Their Jeep Desk is a piece not only vintage car lovers will adore but anyone having a thing for repurposed furniture. This furniture company located in Denmark created a 130-pound desk using a recycled Jeep …

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Boeing 737 Cowling Chair

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Furniture design never stops to amaze us. Fallen Furniture is a company from England that brings another innovative design to a seemingly simple piece of furniture such as the chair. What’s so brilliant about the Boeing 737 Cowling Chair is that it’s actually made from the engine cowling of this airplane model. The chair looks very luxurious. …

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Toro Lounge Chair


Toro Lounge Chair is a simple and comfortable piece of furniture that can be a great addition to your living space. This chair is created by Blu Dot, a company first started in 1997 by three college friends that wanted to make useful and modern home furnishings and accessories. Toro Lounge Chair has a solid natural …

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Suzak Chair | By QSTO


Suzak is a unique, modern design chair that’s versatile and comfortable. It was created by three guys at QSTO, led by the idea that chairs don’t evolve and adapt to the lifestyle we live by today. This evolved simple chair will flex and adapt to your body, giving you the feeling like you’re floating. It …

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Les Angles Sculptural Seating


Chairs, tables, sofas and other types furniture should, in general, be practical and useful, but it’s a lot cooler when you can have a little bit fun with it as well. Les Angles Sculptural Seating is a piece of practical furniture that can be used as structuring elements for home, office or any kind of …

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Be-elastic Snap Legs | Creates A Table Out Of Any Flat Surface


We’ve all been in a situation where we have guests over but not enough room for an extra table, so everything gets crowded and messy. If you ever experienced something like that, then you’re really going to like this new, simple but cutting-edge product. We present you SNAP Legs by Be-Elastic. With these clip-on legs, …

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Boisgris | Handmade Wooden Furniture

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There used to be a time when wood was harvested and worked by hand. It was used for making all sort of structures, from homes and barns to even tools. Now, to honor the tradition of woodcraft, Boisgris is creating some of the finest pieces of furniture out of the wood that once was. By …

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