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iKlips Duo+ | Extendable Storage For Your iPhone


Even though the iPhone has long been the forerunner in mobile telephony technological enhancement, Apple has included one fatal flaw. That flaw being that you can’t extend its memory. Fortunately for us, some great minds got working on it and have brought out the enhanced iKlips Duo+. Order from Adam elements here. Essentially, the iKlips …

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Seagate Innov8 8 TB Drive


Nowadays, with all the media being downloaded, SD cards and hard drives are getting bigger and bigger. Seagate Innov8 has a remarkable 8 Tb of storage which means you won’t have to worry about disk space for some time. It’s a great option for quickly backing up or accessing important files, photos, music and videos. With …

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If you’re anything like we are and have had a lot of difficulty transferring files via USB cable to your mobile devices such as Android, iPad and iPhone, we think that we have found a really efficient solution to this problem which also shows you how quickly and amazingly technology has progressed. SanDisk has just …

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Many claim that the USB Type-C  port and connector will become the standard over the following years and some companies have already started using it in their devices, namely Apple with their new MacBook. If this happens to become reality then during this transition period between using Type-A and Type-C ports, SanDisk has made an extremely …

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