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70-Inch Super Smooth Slide Exercise Board | By Balance 1


Getting regular exercise is the only way to ensure optimal physiological health but, everybody that exercises knows that, getting your legs toned and proper core exercises are difficult to achieve. However, thanks to the Slide Board by Balance 1, this is no longer a problem. The Slide Board was especially designed to target your legs …

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Odin Kettlebell | By Zoobells


If you ever watched Vikings on History Channel or even Marvel’s superhero Thor, you know that Odin is one fierce bastard. In Norse mythology, Odin is one of the most complex gods. He’s associated with the use of magic, he’s a god of war and death as well as wisdom and poetry. Zoobells showed their respect to this old god …

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WaterRower VS Concept 2 Model D

Rowing, as a sport or simply as an exercise, is known for the incredible amount of benefits that it gives. It’s a high intensity, low impact exercise which means that it burns fat and builds muscle while still keeping your joints healthy. Even though running is a great exercise, we all know what impact it …

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Weekly Crossfit Exercises That Will Get You Ripped

Have you been trying to get ripped but it just seems like that weight just won’t fall off? Or maybe, you’ve even been trying to get ripped but your muscle growth seems slow? Well, maybe, the exercise regime that you are following just isn’t working for you and we have found something that might. We …

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Top 5 Rowing Machines Under $1000

Winter is coming to an end and with summer just around the corner, it’s time to get out of hibernation and work on getting that ripped summer body. So, we went out and scoured the market to find you the 5 best rowing machines that are all under $1000 to make sure that you don’t …

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2015 Christmas Gift Guide | Fitness Buff

Next in line for our Christmas Gift Guide series are some great fitness products you can get for yourself or any sport enthusiasts you know. Keeping yourself in good shape and regularly working out is very healthy and makes you feel better. Of course you will become a chick magnet and the result of you looking …

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Bodybuilders and vegan food – doesn’t sound very likely, does it? Well, as it turns out, it is possible and there is a way to combine those two. In fact, it is much easier than you would have ever thought. Brian Turner has been a natural bodybuilder for over eight years and for the last …

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Whenever you bench press alone, you are putting yourself at risk of serious injury. Maxx Bench eliminates this risk with some clever engineering. The bench has a custom hydraulic release system which is controlled with a foot lever. This system uses gravity to lower the bench into a safe position beneath the weights. After you …

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In order to bring the freshest and most nutritious protein drinks to people who are a bit too busy and can’t prepare their protein mix in advance, Ben Acott founded PODlife, a company dedicated to producing the highest quality protein mix packaged in pods. On their own, the pods won’t be of much use to …

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