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Vargo | A Survivalist Fire Starter


Our ability to make fire has given us everything from the start of civilization to the technological era that we find ourselves in. Every camper, or hobbyist survivalist, also knows that the ability to create fire, is a life-saving skill. Thankfully, getting that perfect inferno in a survival situation has never been easier. This is …

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Numyth Tohil 2 Watertight Fluid Lighter


The thing that must be on everyone’s camping check list is definitely a good lighter or some type of fire-starting tool. Numyth Tohil v2 Watertight Fluid Lighter is very compact and made to last in all types of weather. Being CNC machined from high-end aluminum alloy, this lighter is very durable. It features type III …

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Soto Pocket Torch | Convert A Disposable Lighter Into A Blowtorch


Depending on what you have with you, starting a fire outdoors can be either a very time-consuming process or something you do with no hassle. Soto Pocket Torch is designed to make every fire starting experience easy, at least much easier than you’re usually used to. First of all, Soto Pocket Torch is very small and …

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Bushcraft Survival Black With Integrated Fire Starter


You never know if and when you may find yourself in a survival situation. If that happens, you simply need to have proper equipment with you. Bushcraft Survival Black is a sturdy and strong knife with a 1/8-inch  (3.2 mm) thick blade. One side of the blade is very sharp and you can use the …

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InstaFire Eco-Friendly Granulated Fire Starter


Whenever you’re outdoors and want to light a fire, InstaFire Fire Starter will make it really easy to do so. Besides its ability to start a fire despite any weather condition, probably the best part about it is that it’s environmentally friendly. This fire starter doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or vapors but leaves a refreshing pine …

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The George & Willy Torch Style Firestarter


Fire’s always been an important factor in people’s lives. Many are still using it to stay warm in the winter. If you’re one of those, or if you simply like to sit by the fireplace with your lover, we’ve got a tool to help you light up the atmosphere. If it takes you too long …

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With the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit, you won’t have to start a fire with primitive tools, you can do it with class. Zippo has established itself as one of the most known lighter manufacturer, because both of their effectiveness and coolness factor, and they have applied these features to the Emergency Fire Starter Kit. Featuring …

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