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Drift Triking Starter’s Guide

Usually we think of trikes (tricycles) as something that you get a 3-year-old for his birthday but Drift Triking takes things to the next level and it definitely isn’t for kids. Drift triking is thought to originate in New Zealand and then to have spread through Australia, Europe and America in 2011 when the American …

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Carve The Sky With A Wingboard | By Wyp Aviation


Extreme sports are getting more and more popular these days and people are always trying to find a way to push the limits just a little bit further. This new Wingboard by Wyp Aviation might just be the thing that will take extreme sports to a higher level, literally. “WingBoarding” is a sport that could …

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Fusar Mohawk | Makes Any Helmet A Smart Helmet


The most important thing that helmets are supposed to do is keep our head in one piece. But, in this modern age, we allow ourselves to ask a little bit more of every item out there. It’s the same with helmets too. Well, Mohawk by Fusar is a system that’ll make any helmet a smart …

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Razor DXT Downhill Drift Trike


When you hear the word Trike, you automatically think “well, that’s something kids are often playing with”, and you are right, well, at least most of the time. This Trike, however, is a very serious, grown-up toy. We present you Razor DXT Drift Trike, made for extreme downhill rides that’ll take you to your limits.  Unlike …

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Before Orville and Wilbur Wright built and piloted the first successful airplane in existence in 1903, human flight was a long desired dream of mankind. To soar through the sky and experience life from an entirely new perspective is something they made possible. After their success, advances in aeronautics have increased, making it possible for …

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After becoming quite famous when he released a street trials video showcasing his incredible skills in 2009, Danny MacAskill does not cease to amaze. In his latest video (shown below), he is seen traversing one of the most challenging mountains in Britain: The Black Cuillin Ridge. In order to film his latest project, MacAskill returns …

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Theme parks just don’t cut it for you anymore? Do you need something to get your heart racing and your blood pumping? Do you want to escape the monotonous drudgery of your daily life? Then we have just the activity that you have been looking for! Thrilling, exciting, exhilarating, completely mind-blowing – these are just …

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When you hear the word festival what mental image do you have? People dancing to music, drinks flowing, noise coming from all directions, fun, entertainment… Well, you might broaden that definition when you find out about Slackline Festival which is probably one of the chilliest, yet most dangerous and terrifying gatherings in the world. Also …

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