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Alone On The Wall | By Alex Honnold


You know those types of people that aren’t scared of heights and embark on crazy climbing adventures? We’re talking about that hardcore type of climbing without ropes or anything that can possibly save you from falling and dying. Alex Honnold is that person and Alone On The Wall is a book about a passion of his. This thirty-year-old …

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Carve The Sky With A Wingboard | By Wyp Aviation


Extreme sports are getting more and more popular these days and people are always trying to find a way to push the limits just a little bit further. This new Wingboard by Wyp Aviation might just be the thing that will take extreme sports to a higher level, literally. “WingBoarding” is a sport that could …

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Before Orville and Wilbur Wright built and piloted the first successful airplane in existence in 1903, human flight was a long desired dream of mankind. To soar through the sky and experience life from an entirely new perspective is something they made possible. After their success, advances in aeronautics have increased, making it possible for …

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Drive A Tank is one of the most extreme adventures there are. Essentially, it is a holiday destination, but this one includes Driving a Tank, something you never would imagine yourself doing, other than in a video game. So, if you are looking for a different kind of holiday or you are a tank fan, this …

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Just look at it. The Subwing Honeycomb is a smaller version of the familiar Subwing which allows greater mobility and less maintenance. Pure fun it is. The Subwing Honeycomb is made of ABS polymer, so it is very sturdy, which is of great importance if you choose to use it at the ocean floor. However, …

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If you are into extreme sports you probably know how expensive some items of equipment can be. Further on, if you are a real adrenaline junkie, you are bound to be into several different extreme sports all of which increases the expenditure significantly and makes transport a damn chore. Well, the Kitewing might be the …

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Is it possible that no one had come up with an idea similar to the one that spawned the JetSurf? Surfers all over the world have been searching for waves in order to be able to do what they love the most. Now the JetSurf board and its engine provide the fun of surfing wherever …

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