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2015 Christmas Gift Guide | Coffee Lovers

Coffee. You can’t not love it. The drink we can’t wake up without, can’t go a day without, can’t think of our lives without. It’s coffee, for God’s sakes. So “coffee lovers” could’ve just been “everybody” if you ask us. These here are the gifts that would make anyone super-happy this Christmas. Trust us. This …

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WACACO Minipresso Espresso Maker


We believe that most of you out there are serious coffee drinkers and that you simply cannot envisage a day without a hot cup of Java. We, at Jebiga (also serial coffee drinkers), have been on a constant lookout for the best, the lightest and the most practical espresso makers, and we believe that we …

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Forget about complicated espresso machines which are all about counting bars of pressure, adjusting all the settings and bleeding your bank account dry. With the ROK Espresso Maker, you are the one who is in control, you are driving this fine machine, you choose the coffee, and you choose the pressure. How does the ROK Espresso …

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