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Why should cars be the only vehicles going through the shift from fossil fuel engines to electric powered engines? Well, they are not and shouldn’t be. This is why we are super excited about KTM’s Freeride E-SM, a street legal motorcycle which uses a 300 V li-ion battery as its power source. At its full capacity, this battery, which …

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The market of innovative transportation modes seems to be growing at an unabated pace each day, and though electric bikes have been around for quite a while now, there’s a new cycle on the block that’s looking to change the way we perceive and use our beloved two-wheelers. Meet Chop-E, an Estonian chopper-style e-cycle that …

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In the past, fans of high-speed two-wheelers were often blamed for contributing to the growing pollution, reckless attitude to the environment and not thinking green enough. That changed with the onset of the electric motorcycle era – speed machine producers began switching to a more environment-friendly approach to nature, the industry branched out to draw …

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Johammer J1 was created by an Austrian company which is pushing the boundaries of the electric vehicles industry, both in terms of design and, more importantly, of range. And, best of all, the Johammer J1 is not a concept, but a fully available production model. When it comes to design, it does seem a bit …

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