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Electron Wheel | Transform Your Bike Into An Electric Bicycle


A while ago we featured a wheel that was very similar called the GeoOrbital. However, to be frank, even though the design was groundbreaking, it still lacked a certain finesse. This is where the Electron Wheel has stepped up to the bar and taken charge. Sleek and powerful, the Electron Wheel has the ability to …

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Lopifit | The World’s First Walking Bike


The title seems a bit counterintuitive to what a bicycle actually is but, yet, the Lopifit truly is the world’s first walking bike. In many ways, it’s a reinvention of the traditional bicycle and there is no doubt that it will take the world by storm since it is unique and a new fun take …

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Moto Parilla Carbon SUV E-bike


Moto Parilla launched a Kickstarter campaign for an offroad SUV e-bike. The way SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) are explained is “a large vehicle that is designed to be used on rough surfaces but that is often used on city roads or highways”. Moto Parilla’s bike is just like that but with it being an electric bike, it’s …

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Radmini | Foldable Fat Electric Bike


It seems like 2016 is the year for awesome innovations in regards to electric bicycles; we already have the GeoOrbital that aims to change the way that we use electric bicycles and now, with the Radmini Fat Electric Bike, we have the ability to travel off-road as well as hauling goods! This little beast is …

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GeoOrbital | The Future Of eBiking Is Here


With gas prices on a continuous rise, more and more people have taken to cycling as a way to commute, have fun and get some exercise. Perhaps you have even considered an eBike but felt that your pedal bike would just go to waste then. Well, the GeoOrbital aims to change that forever. Originally inspired …

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URB-E | Electric Folding Scooter


Here at jebiga, we often cover electric vehicles. Now, we have one more you should know about. URB-E is an electric folding scooter you can carry along when you’re not riding it. We should start by saying that URB-E is made from carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum. These materials are both long lasting and make it weigh …

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Veemo Velomobile | By VeloMetro

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About 60% of people living in the big cities say that they would like to pedal more to avoid the traffic jams, but they say that bicycles aren’t the most reliable means of transportation. Bikes get stolen easily and you’re exposed to the elements riding them. Car sharing is a good alternative but it’s still …

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Ono Archont Elektro Bicycle


This Harley Davidson looking electric bike will take your riding experience to a new level. Ono Bikes’ Archont Electro is an easy rider-style electric bicycle that almost 10′ long. The first thing we see is a smooth and elegant design. With it’s low-riding spring seat and the design it looks like a motorbike, but what’s …

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Electric powered vehicles are gaining a lot of popularity, which you may have noticed because we tend to feature a lot of them here on We’ve come across a new one, it’s called the BESV PS1 Electric Bike. At first glance, this electric bike seems like a regular bike with a modern design, but …

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Until now, bike riding has been restricted to relatively hard surfaces like paved roads and gravel/dirt trails. The XTERRAIN 500 is the first bicycle to truly break these boundaries and gives you the freedom to ride it across sand, mud, tall grass and even deep snow. To help with propulsion on these difficult surfaces, the …

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